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The Art of Programming?
When in a job interview I am often asked -

"How did you end up in software engineering? This is so far from being creative and you're such a creative person."

I'm still struggling with this question, mostly sitting there at a loss of words, wondering how someone cannot understand that programming is also an art.

But like all craftsmanships software engineering is just one of them. Programming does not only consist of techniques and a rational use of senses, but also of love, passion - and creativity. It's a process of innovating, producing, continuously improving yourself, struggling, stumbling over your own feet (or fingers and thoughts, respectively) and re-inventing yourself over and over again!

I've not met one single programmer so far who didn't confirm with all of his or her heart that they hadn't been growing their skills in exactly that way in a process of year-long exercise and training.

Of course, you might say now, you can put that on just any skill you can learn in this world. Yes - and I'd go so far to say that you can use each and every single skill out there as an art, if you let it get mixed up with your own thoughts and creativity and let your own passion flow through it.

Unfortunately, I've already met quite a few programmers who said this about themselves. They believe themselves to be as creative as a brick in the wall and think that innovative or creative thought was beyond them. Funnily enough, I found them being passionate hobby photographers, inventing new tools in their free time or sitting hours and days brooding over a single passage of code or one particular software problem, because they were eager and keen to find the best solution to it.

So art, in my opinion, is something that arises from passion and love while we're in a process of creating or producing and expressing ourselves with or without consciously knowing or intending a certain meaning.

Therefore - if I'm drawing, taking photographs, writing a song, writing a new program or just figuring out the best way to solve a household problem or what eatable to cook with the last few groceries left in my fridge - it's all a process of creation bearing the potential to become a work of art and to express with it a great deal of myself.
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